Sunday, November 18, 2012

Why I'm being a scrooge

I'm going to start this blog out with a rant of sorts. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not normally a scrooge. Although I'm Pagan, I have always thoroughly enjoyed the secular aspects to the Christmas season. But Christmas has taken over. Radio stations are playing Christmas music already, Wal-mart has had a Santa on display since before Halloween. As a mother to a four year old, explaining that Christmas is still months away has become pure torture. You see, my son's little mind can't possibly fathom why there is a gigantic Santa waving at him if it's not yet Christmas. 

I've seen a meme going around facebook and pinterest about the hypocrisy of "Black Friday" occurring the day after we are supposed to be "thankful" for what we have. And it's quite fitting. Many individuals this year won't even have their turkey half digested before heading out to behave like vultures for the latest gadgets and gifts. 

Furthermore, "Black Friday" is causing a ripple effect into other industries. For many family owned restaurants, Thanksgiving is one of the few days of the year that most people are actually eating a home cooked meal. It's the one day that cooks can cook for themselves and servers are happily serving their own families. Dishwashers only need to wash the dishes they themselves have dined on. But not anymore. Given that many stores are opening at midnight on Friday, many restaurant staff will be heading into work on Thanksgiving to prepare for the Friday crowd. 

So, I've decided we change the name of the "holiday" occurring this Thursday. Much like a bear will stuff itself pre-hibernation, millions of Americans will stuff themselves to survive the long harsh lines of Target. I'd like to say I wish all you shoppers luck, but quite honestly, I don't. Happy Gluttony Week, America!

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